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Education and Advocacy for All


Becoming an advocate

Darius was enrolled at Salem High School. With his disability, his case worker only pushed him into simple jobs that would not gain him independence. They did not see much more for his future. I saw more potential in him and insisted that they enroll him into the construction course at the vocational center. This is where he learned masonry. After acting on his behalf, I feel that I have learned how to better help and advocate for other students. It is my passion to unlock doors to their potential and give them a much more equitable opportunity. 

-Teresa Watson, Founder 


We are advocates for the youth with Autism spectrum disorder and have a relationship with their own peers who face the same challenge


We believe that youth with ASD can develop skills in the work place even with limited social & communication skills


We will be an entry way and reassure employment, which will aid the youth, family and community


Virginia Beach, VA, USA

(757) 404-8125

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Volunteers Packing Food
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